London website design & develoment for start-ups/small business

Website design and development for small business London

We understand that starting a business and running a small business is tough and budgets are tight. We also appreciate that a website is the company's electronic business card, and whether customers find you online or visit your website after meeting you, your website needs to portray and confirm to your potential customers your brand, brand offer, products, services and status.

How Swift Digital helps start-ups and small businesses

We believe that small businesses, and in particular start-ups need a helping hand. The pressures of starting and running a small business are always high, with outgoings usually outweighing income for the first couple of years. For the past two decades Swift Digital has actively supported the small business and will always work with you to ensure that your brand, website or application is designed and produced to give your business the best chance of standing out in very crowded industries. Here are just some of the ways we help the small business and business start-ups:

  • Unlimited FREE advice and strategy advice when it comes to branding, websites and applications
  • Reduced rates for branding, website design and website development
  • Actively work with you and your budgets to give you the most for your money
  • Forward thinking with your brand and website, we will ensure that your website is expandable as your business grows
  • We will make sure your website is Search Engine friendly to give you a head start in the rankings
  • We will create and/or integrate Social Media pages for your business
  • We will create and/or integrate Google MyBusiness for your company

London website design and development for small business

Guideline responsive website design and development prices

Every website and every project will vary depending on the requirements and complexity. In order to give you an idea of what our mobile website design and development projects would cost, we have given some examples below:


This package is perfect for a start-up company that hasn't yet created their brand/logo and wants an informational website. The website will be a basic informational system designed and built from the ground up and this package will also include a brand and logo creation exercise.

What's included

  • Brand/Logo creation
  • Website design
  • Website development

FROM £500


This package is perfect for a start-up company or small business that has a brand/logo but wants a website with CMS components. The website will have an admin system where news or blogs can be uploaded by the customer. In addition a localised SEO starter pack will be applied to ensure that the search engines start indexing the website.

What's included

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Admin system with back end database
  • Basic SEO starter package

FROM £1000