London based Apple and Android Mobile App Development

London based mobile app development

Mobile apps are an everyday tool for the majority of smartphone users, whether they are shopping apps from a favourite retail shop or a fitness app monitoring and maintaining exercise routines. Most modern businesses can utilise mobile apps to either generate sales or to provide a value added service.

Swift Digital has a team of in-house mobile app developers who are specialists in both Anrdoid and Apple (IOS) apps. The experience of the team allows us to produce beautifully designed mobile apps that provide value, whether it is providing a client portal or selling products and services.

Mobile app development - concept

The first stage of the mobile app development project is an initial meeting where the requirements for the app are discussed and we use our vast experience and technical skills to produce a concept that will not only look premium, but will far surpass the expectations of the client and the end users.

Depending on the brief, many mobile apps require additional information to be passed through to the app. For example, one of the mobile apps we produced for a Plastic Surgeon was to offer their clients a complete Patient Journey app tailored to each patient. The mobile app shows the upcoming appointments along with details of the hospital location. In addition, depending on the number of days/weeks prior and post surgery, notifications are also sent through to the app informing the patient of the important information, the app then populates the information section of the app with the relevant information. An admin system has also been development to allow the company staff admins to go and populate the data to be sent to each patient, this is what really gives power to the app. Many mobile applications will benefit from having an admin system developed in order to provide a more unique experience to its users. The concept stage determines whether this is the case or whether the app will simply be a standalone mobile app. Once the concept is finalised, a roadmap will then be created.

Mobile app development

Once the concept and roadmap have been completed, the design and development teams work together to produce the test versions. The app is built using the latest technologies used and supported by Android and Apple (IOS). The design and concept are followed perfectly with any issues or requested adjustments frequently relayed back and discussed with the client. There is a fine balance between fulfiling the requirements and the user experience. A mobile app is pointless if it fulfils every requirement but it totally unusable for the users.

Once the Android and IOS mobile apps are complete they are put into testing and a number of our staff along with the client are giving access to the test environment. This stage is crucial where the apps are installed on a number of diffferent devices and fully tested to ensure they are working perfectly. Any issues or bugs are identified and are reported back to the development team wheere they are rectified.

London mobile app development company

Examples of our mobile app development projects

Here are some examples of the bespoke mobile applications that we have designed, engineered and developed:

IT Support company mobile app

IT Support company self-service mobile app

This app was developed for our company to give our clients the ability to raise and manage their own IT Support tickets. This app is directly integrated with our own bespoke application that manages and maintains the business from ticket management to CRM to invoicing/statement generation to reporting.

The aim of the project was to produce native apps for both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app would need to use the individual client staff member login details for a truly tailored experience to give the ability to raise a ticket, view tickets and post ticket notes. The key component for these apps was to ensure that all support ticket updates (ticket raised, ticket status change, ticket closed) were sent through as notfications on the app.

  • Individual staff accounts
  • Ticket management - raise, view, update
  • View logged, investigating and closed cases
  • Receive notifications through app
  • Direct email and telephone call to IT Support

Plastic Surgeon Patient Journehy App

Patient journey mobile app for London based plastic surgeon

The mobile apps for plastic surgeons currently available are pretty much informational with the ability to change the colour scheme and logo. There isn't really anything unique for the plastic surgeon or their patients using it, just some generic information.

Jag Chana wanted something different, a true patient journey which would be tailored for each of his patients. Our technical team designed and engineered an app that would be a true patient journey. With an accompanying admin system the Jag Chana staff create the patient usernames and passwords and book in their upcoming treatments. The unique feature of this system is that using the app and the notifications, information is sent through at specific points in the patient journey, for example, one week prior to surgery the app will notify the patient of what they need to do leading up to their treatment. Similiary, notifications are sent through at set dates pre and post surgery. The main features of this system include:

  • Patient management with individual secure accounts
  • Clinic/Hospital management
  • Pre-surgery document management
  • Appointment management
  • Treatment/surgery management
  • Notifications through the app
  • Direct contact information

Plastic Surgeon Patient Journey App

Structural engineer mobile app

Structural engineer quotation mobile app

This app was developed for a structural engineer that wanted to give instant quotations to their clients through a mobile app.

This project uses pre-set costs and builds the quotation depending on the choices that the user makes. The final quotation is given and also emailed to the structural engineer for further discussions.

  • Instant online quotation
  • Quotation price updates as differnet options are selected
  • Quotation is emailed through to admin staff once complete for follow-up

Guideline mobile app development prices

Every mobile app and every project will vary depending on the requirements and complexity. In order to give you an idea of what our mobile app development projects would cost, see the example below:


A mobile app developed for Android and Apple (IOS) platforms to be published and available for download via the relevant stores. The app can be coupled with an admin system (CMS) or can be a standalone mobile app.

The development time for the mobile app will depend on the complexity of the project however 2-4 weeks is a good guideline for most basic mobile apps.

What's included

  • Mobile app concept and roadmap
  • Mobile app development on Android platform
  • Mobile app development on Apple (IOS) platform
  • Full test versions
  • Publishing on Google Play and Apple App Store

FROM £2000