Rhadar Counselling and Therapist Software

The design, engineering and development of a specialist software dedicated to the counselling and therapist industry.  The brief was to custom develop a hosted software system that could be resold affordably to busineses and charities.

The software needed to achieve the following

  • Client/Patient Management
  • Therapist Management
  • Supervisor Management
  • Service User Management
  • Searching and Extensive Reporting
  • Payment tracking
  • Secure environment

The client

Rhadar was created, engineered and is hosted and supported by Swift Digital. This software has been developed internally via our in-house development team and supported by our in-house IT Support team.  All systems are securely hosted in a dedicated Cloud system and protected via secure encryption and Multi Factor Authentication on all logins

Site information

Website design by: Swift Digital
Website type: Bespoke Application Development
Website features: Bespoke, file uploads, customer logins, MFA, encryption, reporting
Client location: London


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