Bespoke Client Portal Application Development for Shipping Company

The brief was to create a custom application that Sea Steward would administer. The primary purpose of the system was to create customers, have the ability to create a folder structure, and upload documents. The clients would also require their own login that would allow them to download the files.

The client

Sea Steward is a leading marine catering company with worldwide connections.

The strategy

Based on the brief, and for the aim of having a dropbox style bespoke system, our development team created two sytems with a central database. The admin system gives administrators the ability to create clients and set passwords. From there, a number of tabbed sections were developed. Each one has the ability to either create a sub folder and/or upload files. We incorporated a 'drag and drop' feature that allows the users to simulataneously upload multiple files. The second system is the client portal. This is where the clients can log in, see their folder structures and download their files.

Site information

Website design by: Swift Digital
Website type: Bespoke Application Development
Website features: Bespoke, file uploads, customer logins
Client location: London


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