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There are multiple ways to engage with website visitors and some methods more efficient than others. One of the most cost-effective and powerful methods to attract and keep clients is to add videos to the website.

With these five reasons and in no particular order, a website owner will be convinced to add videos to his or her website.

1. Video drives traffic: A business owner should strive to drive enough traffic to his or her website to sustain the business. With a well-placed video, one can gain traffic as people love watching something online. To understand why this drives traffic, one must remember that most people online prefer to learn about a product or service by watching and listening and not reading.

2. Video allows social sharing: When a visitor likes what they see, they will usually share with friends and family on social media. When placing links on Facebook Twitter, the video can go viral provided it has a lot of reliable information and is entertaining. As social media expands, smart website owners should take advantage of this by placing attractive videos on most of their pages.

3. Video delivers a personal connection: A potential customer who feels a personal connection is more likely to spend money on a product or service offered. This is especially true when a website owner takes the time to create a warm and friendly video that reaches out to visitors. One must understand and exploit this by creating the best videos they can as visitors crave information.

4. Videos can be found through search engines: Google and the major search engines value videos when they determine the organic search rankings provided each video is ethically optimised. When doing this, one can see their site on the first page for many important search phrases.

5. Video can be used as promotional gateway: When creating content, many writers struggle to avoid sounding like an advertisement. This is a serious problem that is difficult to overcome. However, having a video, one can reach out to visitors without sounding like a sales pitch. The business owner can simply highlight the benefits of the product or service, and when done correctly, one can convert visitors into clients at an impressive rate. Remember, people bore of sales pitches, and when done right, a video can increase sales.


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Blog article date: 2 nd May 2015
Posted by Bella B
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