Top 4 reasons why SEO is the best form online marketing

top reasons for SEO on your website

Thousands of new, small, medium, and large businesses a day are opening new websites. And that’s just in the UK. But will online marketing give you the best return for your pound? Here are 4 reasons why SEO has it over other forms of marketing.

  1. Considering what a single column inch advert in a local newspaper costs, even taking into account your site management charges, online web SEO will provide a higher return on investment.
  2. Analysis has proved that the majority of traffic to internet sites is organic traffic - natural traffic which has arrived at your website as a direct result of a search engine query.
  3. With the explosion in the use of smartphones (34 million in the UK alone), has resulted to an explosion in the use of internet searches. Service industries especially have benefited. People using their mobile and ordering home delivery food, checking business opening hours, booking taxis, and much more.
  4. Search engines are continuously improving their services. By making their algorithms more specific to queries, businesses in your local area appear highest in the rankings. Yours should to, provided of course, your site is search engine optimised for your local area.


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Blog article date: 27 th Nov 2015
Posted by Swift Digital
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