Switching your website from HTTP to HTTPS Secure

switching your website from http to https

Swift digital knows the importance of migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, specifically in the year 2018. You can trust that when we say we have the knowledge and the expertise to carry out meticulous crucial processes to protect both your website and users of your website as we have carried out numerous amounts of successful migrations from http to https and we can prove it. Here’s what we can do to help you secure your website:

1. SSL Certificate and Installation
SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ and is a standard security technology to establish encryption of data transferred from one server to another. In order to switch from a HTTP to HTTPS secure website, you’ll need an SSL certificate which comprises of small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to your company details including company name, location, domain name, and server or hostname.

We can generate an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority and install this onto your web server. Doing so activates a padlock display and HTTPS secure protocol. Typically, the SSL certificate is used to secure sensitive information such as credit card transactions, data transfer and personal login details.

To make you aware there are different types of SSL certificates available, including EV SSL (Extended Validation), OV SSL (Organisation Validated) and DV SSL (Domain Validated). However, the encryption levels are the same for all. The only differences are how you want them to look in the address bar and the verification processes needed to obtain the SSL certificate.

2. (Cloud) Server Backup
We can run server backup manager over SSL (HTTPS) just in case you we need to restore the previous version of your website.

3. Internal Links and Redirects on external links
We can prevent your website from resulting in broken links (internally and externally) and help you retain any valuable link power that directly impacts your SEO.

4. Code Libraries, Scripts and Requests for Googlebot
Considering we are not only a website hosting provider but that we are team of web developers and IT support technicians, you’ll have the advantage of having up-to-date web technologies, such as Javascript and Ajax. We also have the skills to update XML sitemaps, Canonical tags, HREF lang, Sitemap references for your Google search console (if applicable to your needs).

5. Other
For best performance we ensure to run scans, fix errors, install SSL on CDN (If applicable).


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